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Looking for a Used Club bargain?   Lost a club? 

        We have a large inventory of preowned clubs that we have taken in on trade or on consignment.  Everything from current model year clubs and sets that have been played with once or twice to vintage clubs going back to the 70s.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our list, just give us a call toll free (800 483-8254) or send us an email.  We’ll do our best to find it for you!

If you are interested in one of our pre-owned sets or individual clubs, we will be happy to send you photos.  Still concerned about buying something without actually seeing it in person?  No problem!  We offer a seven (7) day no-questions-asked inspection period for all purchases.  Simply return the club(s) for a refund of the purchase price (as long as you do not use the clubs in any way).  Your only expense will be your original shipping charge which is not refundable. 


0 = Not yet rated. Call for rating.
5 = Mint. No previous use.
4 = Excellent. Minimal shop wear; normal ball marks minimally visible on the face; very light scratching on the sole; no abnormal crown or shaft wear.
3 = Very good. Normal ball marks and light scratching on the face; normal scratching on the sole; very light scratches or paint chips on/around the crown.
2 = Good. For metal woods, minimal face and sole wear; small paint chips, and minor scratches on the crown. For irons, some face and sole wear; minor groove wear and/or chrome wear; minor dings on the leading edge and/or sole. 
1 = Fair. For metal woods, moderate face and sole wear; sky-marks, paint chips, and scratches on the crown; minor dinging around the edges of the head; shaft wear. For irons, moderate face and sole wear; minor groove wear and/or chrome wear; rock dings on the leading edge and/or sole; light rusting; shaft wear. The ferrules may or may not be seated to the hosel on each iron in the set. The ferrule is purely cosmetic, and will not affect the playability of the club. 
Shipping charges apply on all used/pre-owned golf clubs.  We use the least expensive carrier available to us and charge only our actual cost to ship.  There are no so-called "handling" fees.