The Pinehurst Golf Academy GOLF CHALLENGE CARDS - Putting and Short Game Versions


Practice Better. Challenge Yourself. Challenge Your Friends.
GOLF CHALLENGE CARDS - Putting Deck and Short Game Deck

A Set of Golf Challenge Cards, the SHORT GAME and PUTTING versions ... YOU GET TWO DECKS... One for golf's Short Game, and One for Putting. Give your practice purpose in a fun and engaging way. The 52 playing cards in each deck contain a different challenge, with 4 different levels for golfers of all handicaps, to test and help develop shots on and just off the green and for putting. The Pinehurst Golf Academy Golf Challenge Cards are an enjoyable way to practice and improve your short game.... the scoring game... AND your putting, alone or with others. Game instructions are included.

Designed by Pinehurst Golf Academy's Lead Instructor and PGA Professional - Kelly Mitchum. Each deck of cards help you practice with purpose.  The Putting Edition is new and features 6 categories of games, drills, and challenges. The Short Game version provides 52 unique challenges that focus on putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker practice.    

The challenges may be selected at random, or you can pick out challenges based on an area of the short game you want to improve.  Use these challenges to reinforce your teaching pro’s lessons, structure your practice time, compete with friends, or as the perfect warm-up before a round

Be the first in your foursome to have these in your bag for 2016.  

6 Categories. 49 games, drills, and challenges included in this New Putting Edition deck alone!.

New! - The Putting Edition